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DiamondHeart Wellness

     Honoring Your Life Journey


Creative imagery, also called visualization or guided meditation is the generation of images in the mind to elicit specific effects in the body/mind continuum. It can yield wonderful results in healing, addictions or regression. 


During a creative imagery session, there is a decrease of awareness of the environment and an increase of sensitivity to the mental images being used. The brain does not differentiate between what is happening in reality and what is imagined. For the brain, even if something is part of a memory, it is happening right now if we are thinking about it right now. 


In creative imagery, one does not only use the sense of vision but all the other senses as well. It is a tool for creating and reinforcing the desired result. It is a method of self direction. In a state of deep peace, the subconscious mind which never sleeps, dominates our attention, concentration is increased in the mind, relaxation is increased in the body along with the susceptibility to suggestion. Picturing bodies regaining strength and vitality in the mind's eye enhances the ability to solve problems and gain a new sense of confidence and optimism in real life. The client becomes consciously the co-creator of his/her life and there is a sense of greater control. This helps confront and alter a stance of hopelessness and helplessness. 


In a session of creative imagery, one can release guilt, judgment, shame, anger, fear, sadness, resentment and any other emotion which has less than a positive effect on the person's life. Toxic emotions are very heavy for our emotional, mental and physical well being. Letting go of those could free up a lot of energy for healing. Forgiveness, love and gratitude are the best attitudes one could cultivate that can enhance the quality of life a hundred fold. 




          Ho'oponopono is a Hawaiian expression meaning "to make right, right" or freely translated "to set things right". As a technique to help families resolve issues on a daily basis at home, it is still practiced today. It is also practiced by social workers who work with problem solving in various circumstances at work. 


          The way we use it at DiamondHeart Wellness comes in two forms

One form is the Self I-Dentity Ho'oponopono which is a technique taught by Dr. Hugh Len Ihaleakala. With this method, Dr. Ihaleakala helped heal a whole ward of criminally insane individuals , without having ever seen them in person. It is a very powerful technique that can help heal you and your loved ones, even people you do not even know in person. It is a form of meditation.

60 minutes            $ 85 


The other form is a creative imagery session that helps release the client from the bondage of "unforgiveness", thus bestowing healing to the bonds which connect people to people, people to conditions and even past events. In this tradition, we are invoking the help of beings of light and of guardians who aid in the releasing and the healing process.

90 minutes       $125