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DiamondHeart Wellness

     Honoring Your Life Journey

Explanation of Treatments and Benefits

SWEDISH - basic relaxation massage characterized by long gliding strokes, kneading and friction techniques working on the more superficial layers of muscles.

DEEP TISSUE - slower and deeper pressure needed to release knots and tender areas in muscles, relieving tension and stiffness.

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE - slow strokes and pressure to help loosen gluteated fascia from muscles, restoring cellular efficiency and lymphatic flow. Ideal for chronic muscular pain and people with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. 


LOMI-LOMI HAWAIIAN TEMPLE BODYWORK ancient, sacred form of massage used in Hawaiian temples as part of initiation rites that prepared an individual to enter a new cycle in their life. It integrates flowing forearm techniques, breath work and is accompanied by tribal chants and drumming. 


PREGNANCY MASSAGE - helps support the expectant mother in reducing tension form the lower back, improving circulation, reducing fluid retention and minimizing fatigue. 


REFLEXOLOGY - massage using pressure on specific reflex points on the hands, feet and ears that--according to the Eastern traditions-- correspond to organs, glands, bones and muscles. Helps restore energy flow by stimulating circulation and by loosening up possibly uric acid and calcium deposits. 


HOT STONE THERAPY - heated stones are placed on the back, chest, shoulders, palms and between the toes for the relief of aching muscles, sore joints and tense spots in a therapy ancient in its application. The stones are also used to massage various areas of the body. The heat from the stones penetrates deeply into the muscles providing a very soothing effect for the mind and the body. 


MARMA POINT MASSAGE - an ancient Ayurvedic treatment from India that provides deep relaxation for the body and clarity for the mind. Marma points are vital energy points on the body; by softly massaging them, balance is restored in the body and the mind. After a head, face, neck, shoulders, knees and feet marma point massage, a continuous stream of soothing warm water trickles on the middle of the forehead and down the middle of the head. (one hour) 




   The Chinese call it Chi, the Japanese Ki and the Indian Prana but it is the same Life Force Energy that permeates the core of life and the power behind healing. It is believed that all living beings are complex networks of vibratory fields surrounded by an energy field and that the energy centers within that field control the flow of this energy into and out of the body.

   According to Quantum Physics, matter and energy are interchangeable. In its most basic level what is perceived by the human brain as matter, is pure, unbounded energy; atoms with nuclei, protons, neutrons and electrons whirling in vast empty spaces in the speed of light. Energy is never lost, it only changes form.

   Western Medicine currently uses energy medicine devices to diagnose and treat illness. The electrocardiogram, electroencephalogram, electromyogram, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) all measure the electromagnetic frequencies emitted by different parts of the body. Magnetic fields produced within the body are called endogenous. The field that surrounds the body, also called "aura", is both an information center and a highly sensitive perception device that transmits and receives messages to and from the environment.

   Eastern Medicine is based on the free flow of Chi or energy within the body. When there is an obstruction of Chi circulating in the "meridians" or energy channels in the body, then dis-ease occurs. This just means that the particular part of the body does not get the appropriate energy surge to keep healthy and it ends up not feeling at ease (dis-eased). Restoration to the free flow of energy results in the possibility of healing.

In energy based therapies like Reiki, Energy Balancing, Therapeutic Touch, Zero Balancing, Craniosacral Therapy, Qi Gong and many others, the practitioner uses their hands either above the body or lightly touching the body in designated areas and /or a particular intention to invoke the body's own healing response.

   During a session of Reiki the practitioner channels energy in the main seven "chakras" of the subtle energy body. Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means "wheel of light". These wheels of light are vortices of energy connected through the "shoushoumna", an energy column that correlates to the human spine. The seven main chakras correspond to major organs of the human organism governing and helping their healthy function in the body. By channelling "Universal life force" into the chakras, energy is restored, promoting and aiding the enhancement of health.

   During the "Energy Balancing" technique the practitioner uses focused attention and intention to channel Chi and "run" energy from one area of the body to another. This helps eliminate blockages and it promotes the free flow of energy, a very important aspect for the restoration of health in the human organism.

   Some people are particularly attuned to different energies and others are not. Nevertheless, recipients of Energy Work feel a very deep sense of relaxation during treatment and great peace and vitality afterward.

Make sure to come with an open mind and try it out! 


REIKI - gentle, safe, compassionate laying on of hands to channel Reiki, the Japanese word for "universal life force", increasing the vibratory level of the body helping it heal in a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. It promotes a very deep sense of peace that surpasses all understanding. Client remains fully clothed.


fifteen minutes


half hour


forty five minutes


one hour


ninety minutes


one hundred twenty minutes


seated massage

$1/ minute

$10 discount for first time clients and those who maintain a therapy appointment at least once a month!


Prices and services are subject to change without notice.

We apologize for any inconvenience! 




   Aromatherapy is the art and science of the promotion of healing through the use of essential oils. Essential oils are the volatile liquids distilled from the plant kingdom--leaves, flowers, blossoms, fruits, grasses, bark, gum and bulbs. They are highly concentrated, chemically diverse and very powerful. They can penetrate the top layers of the skin reaching the blood stream within 20 minutes. Organic compounds including esters, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, phenols, acids, etc. give the oils a particular therapeutic use. Some help with viral, bacterial or fungal infections, inflammation and tissue regeneration, some are soothing and calming and others stimulating and uplifting to the nervous system.

The way essential oils work on the body is through olfaction-- the sense of smell. The five million olfactory cells of the nose consist of 6-12 hairlike receptors each that are the only sensory pathways that open directly to the brain. Nerve cells relay the detection of scents directly to the limbic system and the amygdala triggering memories and influencing behavior. Amygdala is a gland in the brain which stores and releases memories of emotional content and it is particularly sensitive to scents. Odors also stimulate the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus impacting production of hormones which control appetite, insulin production, body temperature, metabolism and stress levels. 


AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE ($5 extra added to any treatment)

Head, neck and shoulders massage using essential oils to help release tension from overused and tight muscles, promote a sense of relaxation and well being, leaving the client calm but energized. 


RAINDROP THERAPY (70 minutes)    $100 seven therapeutic grade Essential Oils are layered and massaged on the back, detoxifying and restoring balance to mind and body.