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Meditation is one of many methods used by people seeking to create peace in their body and mind. It has been proven to elicit the relaxation response which has significant health benefits. It trains the mind to be at one pointed attention. The goal is to be in the present moment because this is the only one we have.

Meditation started out as a spiritual practice where prayer was talking to God and meditation was listening to God. The focus could be a sound, an image or even the breath.

There is a misconception about meditation which states that what one needs to accomplish through meditation is to empty the mind of all thoughts. A healthy mind's job is to think thoughts and generate ideas. So, it is OK to have thoughts during meditation. It is absolutely normal. Have you ever tried to stop thinking about something? The more you do NOT want to think about it the more you think about that particular thing. 


Instead of having what Buddhists call "monkey mind", a mind which jumps from one subject to the other, a person can train the mind to be more focused by giving it only ONE task. This could be your breath, an image, the flame of a candle or a sound like a "mantra". Mantra is a Sanskrit word which means instrument or vehicle of the mind. Primordial Sound Meditation uses such mantras to take your mind away from the thinking process into the silent spaces between your thoughts. It is the meditation taught at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California.

Six to seven hours of personal instruction, including your book, CD and mantra $375 


If you are interested in learning Primordial Sound Meditation or any other method, including but not limited to Christian, Kabbalah, Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, Walking, Breathing Awareness meditation, etc.

please, call 410-917-7704

One hour of individual instruction        $85